Add these tradelines and boost your score in less than 10 - 45 days. 

Just adding some credit can boost your score enough. Although authorized user tradelines are powerful, account diversification is critical. These are the secret weapons that I share with my credit clients who need additional long-term help, while they are going through the tradeline and/or credit sweep process. You can increase your credit score by signing up with these accounts while working on repairing your credit.



Credit Builder Card's program is designed to help you build your credit score with all three credit bureaus. It would be impossible to say how much your score will go up but members have seen their score improve by more than 50 points. To get the maximum increase to your score we recommend always making your payments on time for your secured card. Click here to learn more.




Self is a financial technology company with a mission to help people build credit, particularly those who are new to credit or who might not have access to traditional financial products. Click here to learn more.







OX Publishing was founded in 2007 in an effort to offer a revolving line of credit to credit challenged consumers. They recognize that people need a second chance. There is no interest gouging for inferior credit score, as a matter of fact, NO interest is charged. No late fees charged either! OX Publishing is an online department store with a multitude of items available including ebooks, physical books, and office supplies. There is no credit inquiry, simply an identity verification. Click here to learn more.



HuttonChase offers guaranteed approval. Click here to learn more. 





 Click here to learn more









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