CPN PLUS 2 Tradeline 700+ Score

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  • Tri-Merged CPN
  • CreditKarma
  • Public Record
  • 2 AU Tradeline Add $275 to make the primaries
  • Temp Mailing Address, Email & Phone Number Add $30
  • Get your CPN within 24-48 hours, Tradeline will post within 21 days / Primary tradeline takes 30-45 days

Tri-Merge is the process of adding your info with your new CPN into the credit bureaus. A tri-merged CPN has zero score and zero credit. You will need to build it on your own or add tradelines.

Our Authorized User Tradelines (AU) are temporary. They will remain on the credit report for only 30 days. They are faster to process and serve as a quick boost of credit temporarily. For a more permanent boost that will remain for 7 years, consider primary tradelines. 

A Public Records file is a file that we set up for you to make it look like you have been around for a while and not someone who just “popped up” yesterday with a CPN number. Most creditors are very aware of CPN numbers. Now when they pull your credit they also go to the “Public Records Domain” to look for you. Without a public records file, the credit bureaus will flag you as a “ghost” and you will not be able to obtain credit anywhere.

You will need to provide a new phone number, email, and address that cannot be linked to. We do not recommend that you use a family member's address. We recommend getting a new google email and google voice. if you would like us to provide you with an email and phone number, it will be an additional $30.

If you are having problems with getting an address, click the banner below for ipostal1. Choose the Virtual Mailing Address option. Do not choose the virtual business address or the virtual office.